~Our values - Authenticity~

We’ve talked at length about the value system that underpins everything we do here at Rowan; from our candidate care to the way we work with our clients on appointing leaders and future leaders, to our own internal recruitment policy.

Those values are:


Let’s look at the first of our five values: authenticity.

The definition of ‘authentic’ is; real, genuine, honest and accurate, and we here at Rowan believe in honesty in all of our interactions with our stakeholders, and act with integrity no matter what.

So, how do we embody and demonstrate this value for our clients, candidates, colleagues and other stakeholders?

When we undertake an assignment for a client, we take care not to over-promise, and are completely transparent about the nature of it; any potential difficulties with sourcing candidates, potential timescales, fees and our track record within that particular sector.

We only take on assignments where we are confident of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients, and this is also one of the reasons we operate on a retained basis.

We endeavour to keep clients abreast of developments in the Search and Assessment process, and always ensure we present candidates objectively, so our client can make the best decision for his or her business and its growth plans.

We ensure our candidates are well-informed about an assignment through every stage of the Search and Assessment process, and that all feedback is presented transparently, without bias. If we’re approached by a candidate whom we can’t immediately help, we will be up front about this, but will also look to develop a relationship for the future, when this may change.

We’re honest with each other here at Rowan – if someone is struggling or just having a bad day, we encourage them to share this rather than putting on a ‘brave face’, and we’ll do all we can to help. When things are going well, we want to hear about that too, so we can celebrate our successes as a team!

Lastly, our unique ‘Leadership Dynamics’ proprietary software can evaluate and diagnose the strength of a leadership team and suggest any changes that could be made, accurately, objectively and without bias. Alongside our partner company Drax Executive, we are the sole Executive Search business with this capability, and we’re already seeing authentic results from clients that have used the service. Contact Johnathan Massey for more information.

Next time, we’ll look at the second of our five values: commitment.

Rowan is currently looking to add team members to fuel its ambitious growth plans. We operate a values-based internal recruitment system, so if you feel you embody the values we live by, get in touch if you’d like to hear more about the positions we are recruiting for. Please visit hthttps://rowangroup.uk.com/join-us/ or contact Teresa Gundry.