~Our values – Commitment~

We’ve talked at length about the value system that underpins everything we do here at Rowan; from our candidate care to the way we work with our clients on appointing leaders and future leaders, to our own internal recruitment policy.

Those values are:

Let’s look at the second of our five values: commitment.

Commitment is the quality of being dedicated. Be it to a cause, a process, a person or otherwise. But here at Rowan, how do we demonstrate ‘commitment’ to all of our stakeholders on a daily basis?


As demonstrated by our industry-leading appointment success rate over many years, we are absolutely committed to filling the mandates that we work on for our clients, and leave ‘no stone unturned’ when it comes to sourcing candidates.

However, we are also committed to not only finding a candidate, but the right candidate.

Our comprehensive, detailed assessment process gives us the best possible chance at finding a long-term match, and this is reflected in the longevity of the client relationships we have developed; some of which are a decade old.


We’re committed to providing the best service possible to our candidates. This includes regular updates, open lines of communication and transparency.

A candidate can’t be successful in every application, but we will always try to help him or her by providing open, honest and transparent feedback from our clients.

We’re also committed to trying to help match our candidates with the right opportunities too (and not to match them to the wrong ones!) We can’t always help immediately, but we strive to forge genuine, long-lasting relationships with candidates, and our internal database reflects this level of commitment.

Each other and the business:

Finally, we’re absolutely committed to each other on a personal level, and to Rowan as a business.

The ability to demonstrate empathy and an affinity for other team members is a critical part of the internal hiring system at Rowan, and we all genuinely care about the success, wellbeing and happiness of our fellow ‘Rowanites’. We’re committed to not only helping each other succeed, but to fostering a culture of collaboration (one of our other values) and teamwork.

In our line of work there inevitably are good days and bad days, with many factors beyond our control. However, we’re all committed to doing our very best, on the understanding that hard work, underpinned by the right value system, will inevitably lead to success in the long term. Our aim is to reciprocate the commitment that Rowan shows to us individually.

Did you know – our five values aren’t just conceptual, we actively hire against them. If you can demonstrate:

Rigour…and show us an aptitude for the job, then we want to hear from you! Please get in touch here -> https://rowangroup.uk.com/join-us/