~Behind the scenes at Rowan - Luke's 1-year anniversary~

A year ago to the day, Rowan hired Luke Williams (this post’s author) to a newly created, internal position within the business – Content Designer.

Everybody knows Paul Waite and the rest of Rowan’s Directors and Associate Directors, but what goes on behind the scenes here at Rowan? What do I – along with Molly Chalfont Pollard and Laura Ball – do to market the business and help keep the cogs of the Rowan machine running smoothly?

Content Design and curation – and Marketing more generally – are supporting functions. Linkedin articles, our website, case studies, the podcast, press releases or the proposals we send to our amazing clients – they’re only ever as good as the people and processes that form the subjects of that content.

In short, we simply aim to ‘shed light’ on the people here at Rowan and the exceptional, best-in-class search & assessment process and associated services that we offer. Our people make Rowan great; we just share that with our wider audience.

On a personal note, aside from celebrating a change in career direction this week after joining Rowan, it’s also been a year (yesterday) since I bought my first house!

Two huge events in the space of two days – and a year down the line I can safely say I made the right choice and am ever-grateful to Paul for the opportunity. Here’s to another happy year, more People-Powered Growth and more great content to support it! ✏️