Executive Search

Rowan has a developed a best-in-class search and assessment process, after working with SME leaders for over a decade. We augment this with our proprietary ‘Leadership Dynamics’ solutions suite, which affords us the broadest and deepest reach in the market.

The business leaders we appoint drive change and outcomes that are in line with Private Equity expectations and are aligned to the SME’s value creation plan.

Rowan understands the difference between Board- and Director-level mandates, and our extensive network contains both. We have the ability and experience to match both leaders and future leaders to the right assignments and company culture, to ensure they deliver value.

Please go here for more information on our Executive Search Process.

Organisational and Leadership Review

Rowan has the unique ability to assess a business’ ‘Leadership Capital’, i.e. the effectiveness of its Senior Leadership Team (SLT). We do this by using our proprietary ‘Leadership Dynamics’ software, which takes a data-driven approach to leadership assessment.

When we understand the make-up of the SLT, our Directors have the ability to produce and implement a ‘Value Creation Plan’ (VCP) aligned to the SME’s ambitions – this can have numerous different recommendations as to the best course of action.

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Our Team

People-Powered Growth is our mantra, and we hire on values – our team is made up of people that share these values.

The values are integrity, positivity, curiosity, collaboration and rigour – we believe in demonstrating these values on a daily basis, to each other, our clients and the business leaders we appoint.

But who are the people that make up our team? Click here for more information