We work with Private Equity to drive high-growth businesses.

Since 2011, Rowan has developed deep experience of building out leadership teams in the sectors that we cover; Consumer, Technology, Life Sciences, Industrials and Professional Services.

This starts by defining the business’ Value Creation Plan and strategy with our suite of data-driven solutions; ‘Leadership Dynamics’.

Our sector experts then work closely with both SME leaders and investors to optimise the business in line with that analysis, building out the right senior leadership team to deliver the strategy.

We cover all core business verticals.

Consumer – retail, e-commerce and travel & leisure

The sector which has seen the greatest change in their operating models in the last five years, it is impossible for a business to exist in this sector today without undergoing digital transformation.

Successful leadership teams in this industry need to be confident operating in an agile environment and adapting to the changing demands of a tech-savvy consumer.

Delivery of growth within the volatile consumer sector demands a highly skilled leadership team, whether they are managing a multi-site operating model or driving growth in a business that relies heavily on its brand image and social media channels.

Key contact: Louise Stephenson

Technology – tech and tech-enabled services

Rowan is a tech-enabled professional services and consulting business, and we intimately understand this dynamic, ever-changing environment.

Tech faces the dual challenge of the need to attract and retain top talent in a highly competitive marketplace.  There are myriad new, exciting start-ups willing to offer incentives like equity, flexible working, high salaries and other benefits.

We understand these challenges, and our tech experts have the know-how and experience to build successful leadership teams in this challenging industry.

Key contact: Louise Stephenson

Life Sciences – life sciences and healthcare

A wide-ranging and varied area of significant importance – both economically and ethically – the life sciences and healthcare industries are a sector in exponential growth.

With clients from medical research outfits, equipment manufacturers, HealthTech and private healthcare providers, the organisations Rowan partners with in this space are consistently innovating their products and service provision. Regardless of offering, they are dedicated to ensuring that the increasingly complex health and care needs of the nation’s population are covered.

As a result of their specific focus and specialist needs in this critically important sector building a leadership team capable of meeting the growth targets is our top priority.

Key contact: Josh Guest

Industrials – engineering, manufacturing, logistics & distribution and construction

These industries are insular, and there is often only a small, well-networked group of potential candidates for any leadership changes. The nature of the large contracts and unique business processes means that clients usually want a candidate from within the industry.

Often, operational and commercial functions are closely linked to the finance function, but not always connected internally. We understand the sometimes-siloed nature of this industry so look to appoint leaders that can flourish in this dynamic, changing it where appropriate to drive growth.

There has also been historic underinvestment and graduates have been notoriously difficult to attract. This manifests itself as a challenge for clients trying to appoint Board- and Director- level leaders with domain experience, but paves the way for the introduction of candidates from outside the industry, but with the right situational experience. We use our Leadership Dynamics solutions suite to analyse and optimise leadership teams; appointing leaders with the situational experience to drive growth.

Key contact: David Anwyl

Professional Services - financial, insurance, consulting & private equity

Leaders with specific qualifications (ACA, RICS, LPC etc) are required for this sector, and are easy to identify. What we support our clients with is the ability to decipher upper-quartile candidates based on their behavioural profile, which is best suited for high-growth businesses. Macro-economic and even geopolitical factors can affect this industry at short notice, and we ensure we stay abreast of the changing Professional Services landscape as well as the latest industry regulations and codes of conduct.

As a professional services business, we know ‘what good looks like’, and use our deep experience in this sector to optimise the leadership teams of our SME clients.

Key contact: Paul Waite