Pragmatic Leadership in Action: A Blueprint for Goal Setting in Senior Leadership

Be it the start of a new year or not, as a senior leader in business, goal setting and mapping out the future should never be far from your mind. This is even more true for C-Suite leaders and founders steering high-growth SME businesses, where it is always the season of goal-setting and strategic planning. In this article Associate Director Lexi Graty delves into the first crucial behaviour of successful leadership teams: Pragmatism.

Practical: Turning Ideas into Tangible Success

Practical leaders thrive on efficiency and tangible approaches. They are the driving force behind the swift execution of ideas, instilling change across multiple facets of the business. January is the opportune time for these leaders to act swiftly and confidently, applying various techniques to find optimal solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Proactive: Initiating Change and Creating Opportunities

In the realm of pragmatic leadership, being proactive is key. These types of senior leaders contest the status quo and create the environments they want to work in. As the new year commences, the pragmatic leader takes initiative, adeptly identifying and creating opportunities, thereby setting the tone for a year of innovation and growth.

Optimism: Focused on Solutions, Not Problems

Optimistic senior leaders approach challenges with a positive mindset. They believe in their ability to be successful and focus on opportunities rather than issues. These leaders engage positively with their teams, fostering a culture where overcoming adversity becomes a collective effort toward success.

Personal Agency: Empowering the Individual

At the heart of being pragmatic is personal agency, highlighting the belief that each person brings something special to the team’s success. These leaders set ambitious goals, confident that their actions will lead to specific outcomes, fostering a sense of empowerment within the entire business.

Embracing Pragmatic Leadership

As a senior leader in a high-growth SME, understanding the behaviours that can support goal setting, is a valuable tool for navigating challenges and capitalising on opportunities. Operating as a pragmatic leader results in the ability to turn thoughtful strategies into actionable success.

In the pursuit of sustainable growth and value creation, The LCap Group, of which Rowan are a part, developed PACE, built upon robust research and peer-reviewed studies. The PACE behavioural evaluation serves as a guide for senior leaders to understand and harness natural behaviours within their teams. If you’d like to find out more about how PACE could support you in your business, get in touch with Lexi Graty or visit PACE and take the test yourself.