International Read a Book Day – 'Turning the Flywheel'

Yesterday was International Read a Book Day, so what better chance to showcase one of our favourites?

‘Turning the flywheel’ is the sequel to Jim Collins’ Number-one best-seller (and one of Jeff Bezos’ key inspirations for Amazon) ‘Good to Great’, which is nearing its 20th Birthday! It’s a short book, at around 40 pages, and jam-packed with value.

In TTF, Jim examines how businesses can effect huge change and growth by making small improvements in different areas of the organisation, with those changes helping to facilitate other positive changes, generating increasing business momentum and a positive feedback loop.

Rowan MD Paul Waite is a huge proponent of the book. In fact, we here at Rowan buy into the ‘flywheel’ concept so much, that we have our own!

We all have busy lives, so let us know about your business, management or even fiction recommendations below, especially if they can be read in a day or two.