The Science behind Leadership Dynamics

‘Leadership Dynamics’ is the product suite designed and built to benchmark a leadership team against its peers, provide analysis as to the effectiveness of that team, and suggest a route to optimising that team; giving it the best chance to deliver on the business’ strategic growth plan.

It’s groundbreaking stuff, but what is the science behind Leadership Dynamics?

Initially, tests were ran on over 1,000 executives to isolate behavioural traits associated with leadership.

After this, partnering with Work Psychology Group (an organisation that designs psychometric assessments for critical decision environments, such as neurosurgery), the largest study to date of Private Equity CEOs, CFOs, Chairs & Investment Directors was ran to further isolate the behaviours that most impact company performance.

Following that research process, the PACE Model – standing for


…was developed.

The development of the PACE assessment was robust.

Working with Work Psychology Group and Academics out of University College London (UCL), a situational judgement test was developed to specifically assess the PACE behaviours.

This research process included Adrian Furnham, the renowned Leadership Pyschologist, who has supported the defining and development of the PACE assessment. A scenario-based assessment method was deliberately chosen to illicit a contextualised, applied behavioural response.

Thousands of executives have undertaken the PACE Assessment, affording insight into the typical behaviours leaders display, the diversity of behaviours within senior leadership teams and how those behaviours are likely to play out within leadership teams.

Adrian said:
“The PACE assessment provides a reliable method of accurately assessing the PACE behaviours of leaders and teams. The underpinning research of the assessment tool provides sound platform on which to build out the innovative potential of the PACE model.”

It’s this breadth and depth of research that makes the Leadership Dynamics Product suite so powerful, and allows us drive our clients’ ambitions through data, combined with our knowledge of people and leadership teams. Find out more here ->

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