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Pre & Post Deal Executive Search and Assessment

What we Offer

We introduce executive and non-executive directors to support pre-deal investments including numerous examples of appointing a full board comprising Chair, MD and CFO when funding an MBO.

Post deal we’ll continue to support the business and its’ stakeholders with Director and Management appointments required to deliver the strategy through to exit.

Our Private Equity Expertise

As a private equity backed business ourselves, Rowan understands how both venture capital and private equity investors support the SME space.

Our strong relationships and network is demonstrated by the fact that 50% of our board assignments are for SMEs backed by external stakeholders. These opportunities offer equity to ensure candidates are aligned to stakeholder goals.

Our SME specialism combined with our private equity heritage, experience and ownership means we’re experts when it comes to delivering the team that’s required for commercial success.

It’s in this context we are the preferred executive search partners for the leading VC to Mid market private equity investors in the North West.


Our Assessment Process

Having built strong relationships over the decades with exceptional individuals who are able to support commercial objectives on either a permanent or interim basis, our exacting methods of assessment means we’re able to provide individuals with the proven expertise to support specific insight into market intelligence, strategic planning and due diligence, all within a critical board position.

It’s this level of assessment combined with our sector knowledge and search experience that gives us the ability to introduce candidates who will hit the ground running, building share holder value and make a positive impact as a key individual.

Our In House research teams experience, dedication and reputation means Rowan have the ability to deliver complex searches across key disciplines and sectors  creating pre-assessed talent banks of Private Equity and SME relevant candidates to support processes that require event the shortest of timelines.

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