Why Should Businesses Have A Leadership Review?

A leadership review can make a critical contribution to the success of a business. It’s used to thoroughly evaluate and assess the effectiveness of the leadership team within an organisation. It can identify strengths and accomplishments, as well as highlight areas that need improvement.

What exactly is a leadership review and why is it important?

What is a leadership review?

A leadership review is a thoroughgoing process through which the performance of a leader, manager or entire leadership team is evaluated. This might be conducted by their peers, or a senior individual or team within the organisation or may involve an outside organisation that is charged with assessing the performance of the leadership team. Typically, the opinions and experiences of employees who are not part of the leadership team will be sought and incorporated.

A leadership review will help you build up a thorough understanding of the behaviours of the people you have in place, how they complement each other and what might need to be addressed.

Some of the factors that a full senior leadership review will consider include:

● Leadership Structure

A full senior leadership review will consider the structure of the leadership team and how they fit into the organisation overall.

Is the current structure getting the best out of every individual and is it geared towards achieving company goals?

A leadership review may lead to recommendations on how the structure of the leadership team can be adapted to meet the evolving requirements of the company.

● Leadership experience

What collective experience do the leadership team bring to the organisation?

Is it being utilised and are there any gaps that need filling?

If the leadership team lacks experience in key areas this can have a detrimental impact on its ability to meet its targets. A leadership review can identify any gaps and provide a possible route map to how they may be overcome.

● Leadership behavioural fit

How does the behaviour of the leadership team work collectively?

Ideally, the workplace behaviours of each team member should complement each other, evolving over time to create a cohesive leadership approach.

A leadership review will look at how the team interacts, look at behaviours and practices that deliver results and at those that may need attention.

● Competitor benchmarking

All of the above factors will be benchmarked against comparable factors found among your peer businesses or direct competitors. It will look at how your leadership performance matches up against successful companies to help provide recommendations that will form the basis of your Value Creation Plan (VCP).

Organisational and Leadership Review from Rowan Group

At Rowan Group, we conduct thoroughgoing organisational and leadership reviews for our clients helping them to achieve better results. We use the groundbreaking concept of Leadership Capital, which quantifies and analyses the cohesion and effectiveness of the Senior Leadership Team and finds ways in which it can be improved.

Working with our partner company, Drax, we have developed a unique software system called ‘Leadership Dynamics’, which supports our understanding of what good leaders and leadership teams look like.

When this strategic leadership review has been analysed, a ‘leadership bridge’ will be generated. This provides a practical route to optimising the Senior Leadership Team against a value creation plan.

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