Using LD and PACE to support a positive culture as your SME scales  

You’re an ambitious owner/founder who realises that a strong, positive culture in your SME is integral to your success, and to attracting and retaining top talent.  

But how do you sustain your culture as your business scales?  
Recently, Rowan appointed a ‘People’ leader to a growing SME that is pursuing an acquisitive growth strategy.  

A key focus of our work was to understand the importance of maintaining and expanding a strongly defined culture before the business embarked on a period of growth through acquisition.   

We used PACE and an arm’s-length review to create an ‘Executive Impact Report’, which gave the incoming leader an insight as to the strengths of the existing SLT, and the best way to complement it to add value. 

We honed in on an approach that would:  

– Encourage and empower the sales function to maximise results and measurability  
– Increase operational effectiveness business-wide   
– Drive revenue growth through talent acquisition, retention and performance   

The PACE report also allowed us to define a brief for the new appointee, which included the most effective ways to support the business’ culture, and impart and promote that culture throughout the acquired entities to ease the integration process.  
Harmonious integration and the definition of a positive culture will be critically important to the business in the next phase of growth.  

Financier Magazine Worldwide reinforced the impact of poor integration when reporting the following:   

“According to a number of surveys, between 50 and 75 percent of all post-merger integrations fail to meet their original objectives due to cultural clashes. Some sources put the failure rate above 80 percent.”  

 Rowan was able to provide the new appointee with deep, specific insight on the SLT, the strengths of the business and the aspects of the business where developments in culture could maximise business outcomes.   

Although entering a new position and culture, this leader was prepared for the present and future business needs, armed with a deep understanding of the SLT.   

We don’t just use our ‘Leadership Dynamics’ solutions suite to support our clients in appointing the right business leaders, we can help them ensure their new team members ‘hit the ground running’ too!  
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