In conversation with...NX Chairman Martin Boddy

Johnathan Massey, the head of our Non-Exec practice, sat down recently with Martin Boddy – NX Chairman at 6BSpace 48 and Money Alive and former CEO in the Regtech and Fintech space – to discuss how best to use data and data analytics to boost value creation.

Part 1 of 3. “Using data to drive and create value in a growing business.”

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Part 2 of 3. “Creating Value in a People Business.”

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Part 3 of 3. “Adapting to a Remote or Hybrid Model.”

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Stay tuned for the other three parts in the series, and if you’re interested in how a Non-Exec can drive value creation in your business, please contact Johnathan here:

Part 2, “Creating value in a people business”, is coming soon!