The role of HR in the C-Suite

As we say here at Rowan Executive Search, “it’s all about the people”.

And in today’s talent-short market, the right people, culture and opportunities for progression are more important than ever to the success of a growing business.

So, what can an ambitious, growing SME do to ensure that its best people are happy, fulfilled and willing to commit to them for the medium- to long-term?

One answer is to elevate the HR function – traditionally a ‘supporting’ function – to the C-Suite and hire a CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) or similar. We are seeing this more and more with clients that reach a certain headcount, and it seems to be one of the most effective ways of instilling permanent, positive cultural change within an SME and helping to attract and retain top talent.

Talent Management SaaS vendor Cornerstone OnDemand gives its 5 key reasons why HR needs a ‘seat at the table’:

1. Forging career paths from within
2. Restructuring stale performance models
3. Engaging your greatest asset
4. Increasing bottom-line results
5. Making the C-Suite a cohesive unit

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Our Head of HR and Ops practice Louise Ellis is an expert in the appointment of senior HR professionals, including at Board-level. Recent Board appointments include the Head of People and Culture Helen Everatt at IT services provider CTS.

If you are a leader within a growing SME and have thought about improving company culture, as well talent attraction and retention through a senior HR hire, please contact Louise directly ->