The Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on Leadership: Best Practices for Building Strong and Inclusive Teams

Diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. They are an increasingly important component of creating effective leadership. Diverse perspectives and inclusive environments can help to foster a dynamic leadership environment.

What impact does diversity and inclusion have on leadership and how can organisations build strong and inclusive teams?

The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in Leadership

Diversity and inclusion add value to your leadership team. Leaders with varied backgrounds and perspectives can enhance the decision-making process, breaking down tired ways of thinking, challenging assumptions and promoting innovative solutions.

An inclusive leadership team enhances collective leadership expertise and fosters an environment where individuals feel valued. Diversity and inclusion drive innovation and adaptability, as diverse teams of leadership specialists are better able to think creatively and navigate complex business environments.

Inclusive leadership practices provide opportunities for professional development and advancement, contributing to employee engagement, retention, and a positive reputation, while fulfilling wider social responsibility expectations.

By placing a priority on diversity and inclusion in leadership, organisations are able to unlock the full potential of their workforce and gain a competitive advantage in a global marketplace. One of the means by which the success of diversity and inclusion policies in an organisation can be assessed is via a leadership review.

What is a leadership review?

A leadership review is a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the leadership team’s capabilities and performance. It involves gathering feedback from various stakeholders to gain insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement of both individuals and teams.

A leadership review examines leadership expertise, behaviours, and effectiveness in vision-setting, strategic thinking, communication, team management, and decision-making. The outcomes of a leadership review help organisations identify potential leaders, develop leadership skills, and better inform succession planning.

Why should businesses have a leadership review?

Conducting leadership reviews is a valuable practice for assessing the progress of diversity and inclusion policies within organisations. In terms of inclusion and diversity, they give organisations the opportunity to evaluate how effective the leadership team is in implementing and promoting initiatives that support these twin goals.

By incorporating diversity and inclusion metrics and objectives into the review process, organisations can gauge the extent to which leaders are fostering inclusive environments, embracing diverse perspectives, and ensuring equitable opportunities for all employees to grow and develop.

Leadership recruitment for diversity and inclusion

There are numerous barriers that exist when it comes to achieving diversity and inclusion within your leadership team. Working with CEO search firms or a CEO recruitment agency these can be overcome. Drawing on their networks, deep industry knowledge and commitment to bias mitigation, they are able to work outside of the unconscious biases and deep-rooted practices that can inhibit an organisation’s ability to recruit.

At Rowan Group, our organisational and leadership review can ascertain how well your organisation is achieving its diversity and inclusion goals and how it is performing against its competitors.

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