The best possible leadership matches – research powered by Leadership Dynamics 

For over a decade, we have worked with owner/founders to provide the leadership expertise, experience and contacts to achieve their business ambitions and attract primary investment if that is their goal. 

Rowan operates a tried-and-tested research-based model when undertaking Executive Search assignments to appoint business leaders. Our Research team focuses 100% of its time on staying abreast of candidate movements, investments and other business events, which gives us the deepest-possible level of insight into the SME market and senior positions.  

After experiencing a year of record growth, Rowan joined the LCap Group in late 2021 (read about this here) alongside partner company Drax. Since then, we’ve had access to a suite of proprietary, data-driven insights tools named ‘Leadership Dynamics’, which have further enhanced our research capability. 

 This powerful solutions suite affords the Research team the ability to benchmark a client’s leadership team against its peers, based on both the industry they operate in and their comparative growth journeys. We can then identify leaders with the right skills and experience to drive growth for our client’s SME business specifically, in keeping with its value creation plan.  

We know ‘what good looks like’. We have been evaluating the leadership teams of upper-quartile, high-growth companies across 7,000 transactions since 2010 and can instantly review a high-growth business at arm’s-length against this data to draw insight on its leadership team and its ability to achieve its value creation plan. This allows owner/founders to evaluate the team around them objectively, without raising concerns.  

Leadership Dynamics even has the ability to visualise how complementary any potential new senior leaders would be to a client’s leadership team, and whether they have the right level of functional and domain experience for the job.  

This means that Rowan can deliver a shortlist of leaders, all of whom have been objectively pre-qualified not only for the role, but their ability to integrate into and add value to the existing leadership team. 

A track record of success

Previous successes include the appointment of a CRO in a North-West manufacturing business, who could lead and develop the commercial function and map out the global market to create a strategy to drive growth. The business wanted to become more data-focused and maximise both the hardware sales and SaaS services, and the LD platform allowed us to quickly identify the strongest, most complementary leaders for the leadership team, before engaging with them and defining a shortlist.  

We also used the platform to appoint a Group Operations Director in a Scottish education provider, who is looking to grow through a buy-and-build strategy. The SLT needed professionalising, with the addition of a leader with multi-site experience. Again, the LD platform was instrumental in helping us to identify the right match in terms of both complementarity and experience.  

These speak to how adaptable the tools are to individual needs of an SME, as they are centred on finding the right person to enhance the leadership team beyond just the functional remit of their role. 

Our Private Capital team has expertise across all business verticals, and works closely with the Research team to deliver on leadership mandates for our SME clients. Contact us to find out more about how the Leadership Dynamics product suite can help appoint the right leaders to deliver growth for your SME:

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