Simplify your Mission, Re-Imagine your Business Model. Thrive, not Survive

How are consumer facing businesses predicting demand amongst so many unknowns? How can you be agile to focus on what is in your control, to maximise activity, revenue & profits, rather than worrying about what is unknown?

How does a multi-channel company shift its’ focus to become digital centric? And what are the factors behind successful transformation?

How will UK service based companies replace lost members/customers as a result of lockdown? Can they adapt their digital offerings, and with what benefits?

How to break this down into measurable and achievable milestones? At what point is recovery complete and growth begins?

Our webinar, led by Paul Gilbert, addressed these issues by focusing on 3 key themes:

  1. Simplifying of your “mission” and focusing on core objectives
  2. Re-imagining your business model for today and understanding what growth opportunities might look like
  3. The increased value of Non-Execs bringing balance & objectiveness, to help re-programme the Executive mindset from survive to thrive

Paul Gilbert Bio

Paul Gilbert – NED / Chair and Investor in private equity backed, UK based, multi-channel consumer facing businesses.

Paul boasts an impressive portfolio and CV, with an extensive range of executive and non-executive board level experience. Moving from Exec FD to Non-Exec Director / Chairman, he has broad experience of financial and general management at the most senior levels.

He has over 25 years in retail, leisure and service sectors (b2b and b2c) with multi-channel and e-commerce experience – across PE backed, private and public owned businesses.