~ Rowan's new Director - Congratulations Carl! 🥂 ~

Congratulations to the Finance team’s Carl Meyler, who has recently been promoted to a Director position at Rowan Executive Search.

A ‘Rowanite’ of almost 8 years, Carl was here when the Finance team was in its infancy. He’s had a real hand in the strategic direction and success of that team, culminating in a record 2021, which included no fewer than 23 Finance leader and future leader appointments by Carl, at both FD and CFO level.

Carl has now worked with Finance lead Peter Holt and MD Paul Waite for a combined total of more than 20 years, and with his latest promotion, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!

As Rowan expands into London and broadens its product offering with our proprietary ‘Leadership Dynamics’ product suite, Carl will continue to play an integral role in fuelling the People-Powered Growth that underpins all of our success.

Carl and Peter’s Finance team is expanding and actively recruiting. We operate a values-based internal recruitment policy, and welcome applicants from outside the industry. Please visit https://rowangroup.uk.com/join-us/ for more details.

Congratulations Carl! ????