Rowan’s Marathon fundraising effort

Some of our Directors and Consultants have been taking part in a challenge during May, to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.

We’re fundraising in support of one of our colleagues and her family, whose husband was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Each member of the team has to run a total of 26 miles during May, with one member completing his first ever Marathon!

The Team:

Katie Seabrook Cassie Cherry Peter Holt Paul Waite Carl Meyler Sarah Morrell Sarah Searle Claire Powell Teresa Gundry Simon Thorne

Brain Tumours can affect anyone at any age. We’re helping Brain Tumour Research to fund continual and sustainable research, and influence the government to invest more, nationally.

This fundraising will help:

– Discover more about the origins and behaviours of high-grade brain tumours

– Identify mutations in low-grade brain tumours that dangerously accelerate tumour growth

– Repurpose existing drugs in order to increase options for targeting brain tumours in children and adults

We’re 80% of the way there! To check the team’s progress or make a donation, please visit… Just Giving