Rowan Sponsor the Ocean 5 Team

We are today announcing our Sponsorship of the Ocean 5 team, who will be embarking on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in order to raise funds for the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Rowan founder Paul Waite had this to add, “We admire the team’s commitment and dedication to prepare and take on this major challenge. We’re really keen to raise awareness of such a global issue that impacts all of us.”

Recognised as the premier global event in ocean rowing, the race begins in early December and brings together teams from across the globe.

The teams will gather in the village of La Gomera, Canary Islands, before heading out individually to face the might of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rowing continuously for 24 hours each day, the Ocean 5 crew will be faced with sleep deprivation, isolation and physical exhaustion. All of this in addition to the unpredictable and unrelenting forces of the Atlantic Ocean. The team will complete this task in a 28 feet long boat.

This is why the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is considered to be the world toughest row.

It’s all in the name of good cause, however.

Analysis has revealed that 99% of ocean plastic is out of sight. Of more than 393 million tons of plastic in the oceans, just 246,000 tons is visible on the surface. The rest is suspended in the water, lying on the bottom, or buried in the seabed. This is the Plastic Soup.

More plastic is set to be produced in the next five years than in the whole of the 20th century, which means that this problem will get worse unless decisive action is taken now.

Recognised by the international press as ‘one of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution, The Plastic Soup Foundation is leading the fight for improvement.

We are honoured to be playing a small role in supporting their cause through sponsoring the Ocean 5 team on this epic challenge. You can learn more about the team here: