– Rowan Employee Spotlight: Louise Ellis – Associate Director and Head of HR & Ops –

Everybody knows our MD Paul Waite; he’s the face of Rowan and very much leads from the front.

But who are the other people in the business?

Our inhouse marketeer sat down with the indefatigable Louise Ellis, to talk Joe Wicks’ workouts, a mutual love of chicken, and how her HR & Ops team (Teresa Gundry, Georgia Jones, Gemma Mafe) transformed the Operations department of e-commerce services provider fulfilmentcrowd from the Board down.

fulfilmentcrowd’s CEO Lee Thompson even stopped by to add some very kind words about that piece of work!

Get to know Louise a little better below, and if you’re an SME Owner or Executive looking to grow your HR and/or Ops departments – Louise can be contacted directly at louise.ellis@rowangroup.uk.com.