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Board-level ETP® – Our Search & Assessment process

ETP® (Evaluate. Test. Perform.) is the methodology we follow when conducting our Search and Assessment assignments – it drives performance and outcomes in line with Private Equity expectations.

Board-level ETP: Our mantra here at Rowan is, “it’s all about the people”. We know that it’s people that power growth, so where better to start than at the top of an organisation? Appointing an agile, high-quality, forward-thinking Board isn’t important – it’s mission-critical.

Candidates at Board level in SMEs are typically hands-on ‘doers’, regardless of their backgrounds. We know what to look for in a great SME candidate, and will assess their aptitude, personality, leadership style and cultural fit, as well as their technical skills in their chosen business vertical – whether it’s Finance, Operations, Marketing or something else.

We will partner with you in the first instance to understand the unique demands and challenges you face, and the qualities and characteristics required to be successful on your SME’s Board.

We will then design a tailored, specific brief, agree the remit and search parameters with you and aim to deliver a quality shortlist within a given timeframe.

Exec-level ETP:

It may surprise you to know that the seniority of a position has no impact on how thoroughly we conduct the assessment process. Our Executive- and Management-level Search and Assessment process has all the same rigour, detail and quality as its Board-level counterpart.

At this level, we typically focus more on technical skills over strategic vision, but with an appreciation that every position and organisation is different.

Organisational Review & Board Restructuring

Our Organisational Review and Board Restructuring service really sets Rowan apart from our competition.

We often work with SMEs that don’t know what they need to enable growth and realise their ambitions – they simply know that something needs to change.

Our Directors and ‘Heads of’ service are true experts in their respective fields, and have the experience, knowhow and ability to work with you and advise as to how to restructure your organisation to achieve your desired results – whether that includes any new appointments or not. When running a business it can be difficult to ‘see the wood for the trees’, and having an external, expert perspective can often bring new ideas and solutions to the table.

If you’re interested in accelerated growth but unsure how to effect that growth, get in touch about our Organisational Review and Board Restructuring service.

‘Fit for Funding’ Investment Consultation:

Our Business Banking Consultant Iain Duncan is an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB) and former Senior Manager with a global bank.

Ian has over 36 years’ experience of supporting North-West SMEs in acquiring the funds they require to fuel their growth journeys.

Iain’s focus has always been on what he terms ‘The 5 Cs’, namely the character, capital, cashflow, conditions and collateral associated with a business. He works hand-in-hand with SME Owners to optimise these five criteria, and facilitate the necessary discussions with lending institutions to achieve funding and kickstart business growth.

Cognite® - Behavioural Matching

Cognite® is Rowan’s Bespoke Performance and Behaviour Assessment tool, designed specifically for our clients in the SME market.

Our performance and behavioural assessment is much more in-depth than the standard psychometric testing performed across the market, which is often fairly subjective, and usually contains outputs that bear little significance in relation to what the client (company) actually wants and needs. Many other assessment tools do not take into account the needs of the specific business, team or market conditions.

Cognite® is a performance & behaviour-based assessment and matching tool, completed through a simple, precise and scientifically proven methodology, which allows us to describe and analyse the profile of individuals. It allows us to understand, assess and even develop our candidates according to their strengths and areas of opportunity.

The tool is built upon the same psychological theories that market-leading companies like BMW, Nestle, Coca Cola and Accenture have used for years in their global operations, as well as elite sports teams. Cognite® is designed to be immediately applicable to people within high-performance environments.

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