People-Powered Growth: Louise Ellis' Maiden Rowan Anniversary

People-Powered Growth: Louise Ellis’ Maiden Rowan Anniversary

Our philosophy here at Rowan is simple: appoint the right people for our clients and their businesses will grow. Put succinctly: “People-Powered Growth.”

However, that mantra applies internally as well; we can only grow as a business by bringing the right people on board.

They must not only have the capacity to become exceptional Executive Search and Assessment professionals, but also be great team players, and demonstrate our core values/activities of:

– Authenticity
– Commitment
– Progressiveness
– Collaboration
– Rigour

Nobody exemplifies the above more than our Associate Director and Head of HR & Ops team, Louise Ellis. Louise came from a contingent recruitment background, and in just one year she has become a vital member of the Rowan management team, and has effected growth in her division of a staggering 106%!

Louise is looking to expand her hugely successful HR & Ops division with both an Associate Director and Executive Researcher – please contact her here for more information ->

Happy Anniversary Lou, and keep up the good work!