More than just matching – a partner for the growth journey ~


Executive Search is one of our consultancy services.

Finding, assessing and introducing senior talent to our private capital and PE-backed SME clients is what we’ve traditionally been know for – but when we partner with clients, we are so much more involved than that.

We partner with the SME throughout its growth journey, right the way up to secondary investment. Our partner company Drax Executive typically works with businesses at the secondary investment stage and beyond.

A great example of how we partner with a business for the long term is the ongoing journey of fulfilmentcrowd, and how we’ve been supporting the business through its various phases.

So, how do we do this?

Of course, every SME is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but typically the relationship will involve:

– Conducting an ‘arm’s length’ review of a leadership team or business structure.

– Meeting with the SME leader to discuss his or her ambitions, the business’ strategic plan, how the business is doing and what ‘good’ looks like, and what the briefing document for a new appointment should contain.

– Making the right match or matches using our best-in-class search and assessment methodology, supported by our data-driven insights. We make matches with your strategic plan in mind, which underpins everything we do.

– Keeping in touch and staying abreast of developments within the business. We are ideally placed to help successful appointees build out their teams with further appointments, given the expertise we’ve developed on the SME and its people, culture and ambitions.

– Any follow-on appointees will be aligned to the strategic plan and the SME’s ambition, and there will typically be a business event on the horizon.

– We can help facilitate conversations around an investment, run due diligence and work with the primary investor post-event to help build out the team for the next phase of growth.

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