~Leadership as a value creation lever~

As an SME owner/founder, you’re an expert in your field, and you’re passionate about your business. Your drive and leadership have brought your business this far – now it’s time to leverage more value from your leadership team and take your business on the next stage of its growth journey.  

Rowan works with the owner/founder to drive growth and optimise leadership teams for primary investment. 

The concept of ‘leadership’ is often divorced from value creation.

While we recognise individual leaders as ‘successful’ because of the value they create, often we don’t think about leadership itself as a value creation lever. 

We’ve seen time and again that leadership can be one of the key value creation levers. 

For example, recently a Rowan-appointed MD of a Northern, family-owned B2B retailer drove revenue growth of 125% in just three years. This allowed the owner/founder to move up to CEO-level, step back from the day-to-day running of the business and focus more on its strategic direction. 

The 2021 Leadership Dynamics Insights Report looked at Leadership Change as a value creation lever. It compared the senior leadership changes made at businesses across different performance quartiles, and found that the best-performing businesses are more likely to make leadership change, make more change and make change sooner. 

The report found that: 

· 98% of upper-quartile businesses were likely to change their SLT  
· The best-performing businesses averaged 3.7 personnel changes 
· 55% of changes in the Q1 group were made in the first two years 

Clearly, the businesses that create value most effectively recognise the power of leadership to drive that value. Leadership optimisation is the primary mechanism that owner/founders possess to effectively execute their value creation plans.  

When we work with an owner/founder to analyse a business with the ‘Leadership Dynamics’ solution suite, we produce a ‘leadership bridge’ and optimisation report, which detail the recommended steps required for their team to maximise value creation and drive growth.  

In other words, Rowan has the ability to both quantify the improvements that leadership change can bring to your SME, and support you if you want to pursue change in your senior leadership.  

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