LDC stands firm behind North West businesses

How can North West business get back on track?

The mid-market private equity firm LDC is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and believes that the private equity community will play a vital role in stimulating the UK’s economic recovery over the next decade. As a result, LDC has committed to providing continuous support and helping ambitious North West management teams realise their growth potential.

LDC is part of Lloyds Banking Group and is dedicated to supporting SMEs across the United Kingdom. Last year, despite the economic uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, LDC invested over £240 million in 14 new investments. In addition to investments, LDC worked with its portfolio businesses to further growth, supplying follow-on capital to support 35 bolt-on acquisitions.

Overall, last year LDC in partnership with their portfolio management teams, generated £875 million in proceed, with an exit multiple of 3.6x and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 57%.

Dale Alderson was appointed Head of North West at LDC in September 2020 and commented that “[LDC knows] how challenging 2020 has been for businesses up and down the country, but we’ve also seen first-hand how key ambition has been to building resilience and scale during uncertain times.

“The North West is home to some of the UK’s most exciting and driven business leaders, and as an investment partner we remain committed to helping them seize new opportunities for growth and expansion. We look forward to continuing to champion the ambitions of management teams across the region in what is set to be another unprecedented year.”

Picture – Dale Alderson, Head of North West at LDC