Is home working just a temporary measure?

Is home working just a temporary measure?

Data backup & protection business Assured Data Protection has partnered with home workspace specialist MHOR Workspace, to design and provide secure home office units to its clients. (pictured)

Assured Data Protection’s clients include NHS organisations, Blackpool Council, Richmond Housing Partnership and other public sector bodies.

However, according to the Centre for Cities think tank in a recent BBC article, the five-day office week will become the norm again within two years, as the effects of the Pandemic start to dissipate.

Jessica Bowles, director of strategy at Bruntwood, said her firm has also seen a lot of demand for flexible and serviced office space on short leases from both corporates and SMEs.

To SME Owners and Executives out there, or those affected by the shift to home working:

???? Do you think it will be business-as-usual with regards to office working within two years?

???? Has the obligatory shift to home working affected your business’ (or your) productivity?

???????????????? Have your employees (or have you) responded positively to the opportunity for home working?

⚖️ Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and will you change your policy after restrictions are lifted?