We recently teamed up with Barclays, Cowgills and Bermans to deliver an event aimed at providing a boost to Manchester’s thriving tech scene.

Hosted by award-winning editor Chris Maguire, the event featured a great mix of speakers from some of the regions’s most exciting tech firms. Including: Autopaid, CTI Digital, Caboodle, Wejo, Eviid, Mojo Mortgages, Dr. Fertility and SmartKem Ltd.

Here are the key takes from the evening:

Nicola Weedall – Autopaid:

  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Make sure you have solid financial acumen internally
  • Move at your own pace

Steve Kelly – SmartKem:

  • You have to kiss a lot of frogs when it comes to investors
  • You need to have belief and stay ambitious
  • Stay entrepreneurial – many tech people professionalise too early

Richard Hayes – Mojo Mortgages:

  • Keep the customer front and centre
  • Find mentors who are 1 or 2 years ahead of you
  • Get the right team in place

Catherine Bennett – Caboodle:

  • Stay flexible and open to client-led change
  • You don’t have to grow quickly to be successful
  • You don’t need investment to get off the ground

Nick Rhind – CTI Digital:

  • Think hard before you take on investment
  • Hiring a quality team is worth the short-term pain

Kobi McCardle – Dr. Fertility:

  • Make sure your idea solves a real problem
  • Create a business model that has the capacity to scale

Barry Nightingale – Wejo:

  • Your idea doesn’t have to be complicated
  • Make sure you’re ready before you make a big hire

John Ridd – Eviid:

  • Be certain before you sell, your tech business could have more to offer than you think

There is a full video recording of the event which we would be more than happy to send to you if you wish. Please contact us to get hold of this or if you would like to see how we could support your business moving forward.