How executive search is different to recruitment

When a company is looking for the kind of exceptional talent they need to initiate change, drive growth or see the company through a period of transformation, then they are likely to turn to an executive search firm.

In short, executive search is a process through which a company or organisation hires a professional search firm to identify and recruit highly qualified candidates for executive-level positions within the organisation.

This is not a recruitment exercise. It is a carefully considered approach to the market to find top talent.

How does executive search differ from recruitment?

Recruitment is the process through which candidates for open positions within an organisation are found and hired. It can encompass a wide range of roles, from seasonal and part-time work to entry-level positions for new graduates, through to the executive level. It can be conducted by the organisation itself or it might be carried out by a recruitment firm.

Executive search has a different target. It is solely focused on identifying and recruiting highly qualified candidates for executive-level positions. Executive search uses a more targeted approach, usually backed up by extensive experience in the sector and knowledge of the available talent pool. The process will include research, networking, and personal contacts to find the most qualified candidates for the role.

A collaborative and personalised approach

At Rowan Group, our consultants provide a highly tailored executive search service for our clients. We take time to get to know your business, how it works and your plans for the future. We assess your particular needs in terms of executive recruitment and then develop a strategy to find and attract the right talent for the position.

Crucially, our consultants have built up an in-depth understanding of a variety of different industrial sectors, including consumer, technology, life sciences and pharmaceutical, industrials and professional services. This means that they understand the particular pressures and challenges faced by companies in those sectors when it comes to high-level recruitment.

Our consultants work with clients, using their knowledge of the company, the sector, and the market in general, to provide advice on the sort of position that the client should be looking to fill.

Our consultants have a record of delivery and are known across their specialist sectors as individuals who are able to deliver results, both for the companies they work with and the high-level talent that they recruit.

As problem solvers, they’re motivated to help your business meet its evolving targets through the appointment of ambitious, results-driven individuals to key roles. Our consultants then find the best person for the role based on their intimate knowledge of the SME owner-founder market.

People powered growth

At Rowan Group, we know that it’s people who power growth. Finding and appointing an agile, high-quality, and forwarding thinning executive board and senior management is successful to your future success.

If you’re an ambitious SME looking to develop over the coming years, finding the right people is the catalyst to achieving your goals.

We’d love to hear about your business, your current challenges, and your plans for the future.

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