How an executive search firm can help you find the right finance leader for your business

There are few roles more crucial to the success of a company than that of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). They are a key member of the company’s executive team and are responsible for managing the financial operations and resources of the organisation.

CFOs play a determining role in the financial decision-making process and are responsible for ensuring that the company remains financially stable. They will help the company identify and move towards realistic and achievable long-term goals.

The pivotal role of the CFO, finance leader or finance director means that the candidate selection process needs to be watertight. Outstanding CFOs can be hard to come by, which is why many companies will use the services of an executive search firm to ensure they get the right person in place.

What is executive search?

Executive search, sometimes known as headhunting, is an elite recruitment process that helps find outstanding candidates for demanding, high-level positions in ambitious companies.

Executive search firms identify, evaluate and then recruit top-level executives for leadership positions within an organisation. Experienced and successful executive search firms have a strong record of delivering the right candidates for each organisation based on a detailed knowledge of the marketplace.

They take the guesswork out of elite-level recruitment giving ambitious companies access to some of the most exciting and able talent in their particular field.

How does an executive search work?

Finance executive recruiters will begin by taking time to understand the organisation that they’re recruiting for. They will build up a detailed picture of how the organisation works, its current requirements and future goals. They will then be able to identify the skills that are required for the role.

An executive search firm will have built up an extensive body of knowledge of the candidate marketplace and will use its network to identify potential people for the position. They will take care of evaluating and screening potential candidates, determining not only their suitability for the position but also their own career goals.

They will then present a shortlist of qualified individuals to the client, share their knowledge, insight and perspective on each candidate and make evidence-based recommendations. They will also assist with negotiations and ensure the right person is in place as quickly as possible.

How Rowan Group can help you find the right finance leadership team

At Rowan Group, we have a proven track record of delivery when it comes to placing exceptional financial talent in key roles at ambitious companies. We appoint CFOs that are able to act strategically to drive growth.

We also work with CFOs to appoint other senior financial executives, such as Finance Directors (FD), who are likely to become the finance leaders of the future. This is especially important with a large Private Equity transaction on the horizon, where the FD will be expected to step up to CFO level after primary investment.

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