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Executive Search Process & Case Studies

Building your Board or Management Team

Underpinned by research, assessment and ongoing support, we select the candidates with the right mindset for your SME business.

Solving Problems
Solving Problems
Influencing People
Influencing People
Adapting Approaches
Adapting Approaches
Delivering Results
Delivering Results

We treat your business, like it’s our own.

Trust our SME experts to find the perfect fit for your business.

CEO & Chair

Our rigorous search and assessment process enables you to understand future structure and compare this to current board capability. Based on our many years of experience, we’ll work with you to build an optimal board.

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How impactful is your finance function? Do you have the information you, your team and your stakeholders require to make decisions and drive performance? Find out why key Private Equity houses, banks and Corporate Finance houses choose Rowan.

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Sales & Marketing

Our market insight and wide network means we cut through the big talkers and find the high performing talent who can really get business to the next stage of net growth.

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Digital Marketing

We’ll understand your brand and digital marketing performance, discuss your metrics and deliver the right people who’ll drive your business forward.

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Human Resources

Where your company and your talent come together. We will introduce you to the candidate that’s going to galvanise your workforce.

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We review your current operational team to understand how you’re performing against both KPIs and margin versus expectation. Then, we’ll find the talent who can make a positive impact to your business.

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Technical teams demand the right capabilities to improve both productivity and commercial investment – and we help you find them.

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“Their ability to interpret our needs, find quality candidates and deliver a successful outcome in a timely manner, is second to none. ”
Chris Welsh | CEO, Saturn Communications Group.

Experts in Business
with the right leadership talent.

We want to get to know you. Your goals, ambitions, people, and culture. Not just on the surface, but deep down. The more we know, the better we understand, and the more we can help.

We look for potential in everything we do, so our SME focus is single-minded, and provides you with real insight into the role people play to achieving your vision. We’re driven by a deep understanding of your company and the development of people who can grow the business with you.

Dynamic network supported by research.

Our researchers are specialists in their own right across each of our industry services, and alongside our long-established network, provide a robust and comprehensive search for the right choice of candidates. We leave no stone uncovered in finding the right people both within the UK, and also across international regions.

Rowan Founder Paul Waite and David Anwyl

Finding like-minded entrepreneurial talent.

Our unique ‘Entrepreneurial Testing Process’ is our proven method of assessing the ideal functional and cultural match. ETP is a service-dependant testing programme that allows us to benchmark skill, vision and competency to guarantee compatibility with your business and its goals. Recognised to Private Equity standards, it means we can deliver outstanding solutions.

Bringing talent on board is just the beginning.

Whilst our business and candidate insight is wholly robust, we believe that our partnership and support should continue even after a new member of the team joins your organisation. Not only will we give you a guarantee on our placement, we’ll hold regular feedback sessions with you to ensure rapid effectiveness in a position, and we always provide additional support when you need it.

A connected network at your disposal.

We love nothing more than adding value to our clients and proactively searching for new opportunities. Working alongside a network of investors, we can connect your leadership team with a whole host of complementary services so you can scale your growth effectively and efficiently.

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