ESG at Rowan - Johnathan's Walk for Children

An excellent effort from our Chair/NED practice Associate Director Johnathan Massey, as he undertakes the NSPCC‘s 23km Walk for Children with Freshwalks next Friday night.

Two of our values (aside from authenticity, progressiveness and rigour) are commitment and collaboration, and John and his team will certainly need these as they hike at altitudes of up to 1,200m through the longest (and quite possibly the coldest) night of the year!

John’s already raised over 100% of his fundraising target, but don’t let that stop you donating more for this worthy cause.

– £4 could pay for a trained volunteer counsellor to answer a child’s call for help to Childline.

– £27 could pay for a Childline supervisor for one hour, supporting volunteer counsellors.

– £40 could pay for Childline volunteer counsellors to answer 10 calls from children.