Empowering Women Network - Supporting & Inspiring Senior C-Suite Female Leaders

As the Empowering Women network and series of events goes from strength to strength we catch-up with founder Louise Stephenson on the story so far.

Louise Stephenson, Director – Rowan Group.

Louise leads the PE Growth Division for Rowan Group and is the founder of the Empowering Women network. Rowan are the exclusive selection and resourcing partner of many of the North West’s fastest growing entrepreneurial businesses and as a Director, Louise specialises in placing C-Suite roles across the UK. Her team supports PE backed businesses and privately owned organisations wanting to attract investment by designing, and placing, leadership teams that achieve their growth ambitions.


Louise has over 20 years executive search experience, is qualified to CIPD level 5, personally sat at SMT level and has an exceptional knowledge of the North West marketplace.


“After climbing the ladder of the corporate world I wanted to find my place in an owner/founder led business. Rowan, as a PE backed entrepreneurial business, was the perfect place for me to work in a growing business whilst retaining my identity as a mum to two growing boys” said Louise.


The story behind the Empowering Women network

Louise explains “Stepping into the Private Equity world was a rollercoaster of learning – I came away from my first PE networking event feeling like an imposter. Unfortunately women in private equity can be somewhat under-represented. Determined to continue I sought the support of a business coach and haven’t looked back! The original event left me feeling there was a gap for a more supportive and collaborative approach to networking for senior C-Suite female leaders – and not just women in private equity. It is that thought that led me to set up my own network.”


“The Empowering Women network, with a series of events at its heart, enables me to breathe life into my moto ‘lift as you climb’. My vision is to bring together like-minded Senior C-Suite females in an environment where they can support each other, not only through the sharing of knowledge and experiences, but also by extending a hand to lift each other up.”


Louise hopes she has “Created a space where senior female leaders can be vulnerable, learn, network and collectively become better versions of themselves.”

What next?

The next Empowering Women event is due to take place on 20 June and it will be the biggest yet. Since the first event in December 2022, the network has raised over £1,600 for Prevent Breast Cancer and is supporting the launch of the Smart Works centre in Manchester.


Rowan is incredibly proud of Louise and grateful for the support of the panelists who have helped bring her vision to life;

Claire Roberts, Elizabeth Gooch, Fiona Armstrong, Fiona McKay, Jocelyn Morgan, Julie Paterson, Kellie Rixon, Lorraine Clinton, Nikki Barraclough, Sally Dynevor, Tammy Hopla and Tina Taylor.


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