Channel 4's "The Money Maker"

One show that we’ve been following, and that is sure to be of interest to SME owners, is Channel 4’s “The Money Maker”, starring the brilliant Eric D. Collins.

We’ve watched with interest as Eric works with SME owners to help them scale with his business knowhow, experience, contacts, and – if conditions are right – investment.

In the inaugural episode, Eric visits Manchester’s own PRYMO Surface Solutions Ltd, to try to help them capitalise on the current property boom.

???? Will the hard-working and determined Jasen Jackiw achieve the investment that will kickstart Prymo’s growth journey?

❓ Do you, as an SME Owner, empathise with some of the challenges Jasen faces?

???? Private investment is an option – but there are other options for fuelling business growth too. Here at Rowan, we have the capacity and expertise in-house to be able to advise on funding options, and the contacts and experience to facilitate those discussions –> Contact us.