Mi Healthcare


MI Healthcare is a medical services company, which provides repair and maintenance contracts for a variety of hardware and software providers/solutions in the NHS; radiology, scanners, diagnostic and X-ray machines etc.

The business model depends wholly upon winning contracts and being on the correct frameworks within the NHS. Its solution is complex, multi-faceted, and has to be tailored to each specific CCG, based on its criteria and its equipment suppliers.

MI Healthcare and its PE backer, Foresight, wanted to drive step change growth and effect value realisation. To do this, the business required a senior Business Development Director, who: Understood the product in detail, and had previous experience of solution selling. Could sell long term, complex solutions to a variety of different stakeholders (finance, procurement and business unit leaders), and ensure that the business is a member of the appropriate regional frameworks. Foster and nurture ongoing relationships with not only clients, but also equipment manufacturers such as Hitachi, GE and Philips, as well as some competitors, with whom the business occasionally partners.


Rowan worked closely with the CEO Mark Edwards and Founder Tim Dickinson, in order to understand the role requirements, alongside the personal requirements of the incoming BD Director. 

As experts in Executive Search, Rowan: Consulted with Foresight and the Board at MI Healthcare, to hone down on the skills and attributes required by the impending hire. The business’ market is very niche and specialised, and there is only a very small number of candidates within it. This led to Rowan looking outside of the market, having specified the key skills and attributes. Identified candidates with significant, relevant experience of long term, complex solution selling, involving multiple, varied stakeholders. Thoroughly evaluated candidates’ exposure and experience of the above, using Rowan’s best-in-practice ETP evaluation tool. Delivered a qualified, relevant shortlist of appropriate candidates

Through Rowan’s Search and Assessment process, John Dickinson was hired by MI Healthcare. John is Business Development Director and has extensive experience of solution selling within the equipment diagnostic industry for thirteen years.