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Glen McCulley

Sales & Marketing Director, CoolKit

From the outset I found Louise to be very thorough, engaging, informative and supportive. Her ability to cut through the chat and quickly establish whether my credentials were worthwhile with her progressing for my time, her time and most importantly, her clients time was impressive.

During our following meetings, Louise was again painstakingly thorough on detail and very challenging on credentials. What stood out to me though was her ability to ensure that aside from the fit of background and skills, she was clearly adept at finding the cultural fit. My belief is that if the cultural fit is found then you are placing candidates like me that can not only do the job, but will be happy and productive where they are placed and likely to stay working there for a long time.

This ability to get under the skin of her clients and really understand what is required from their point of view as well, I believe, really stands her apart from other recruiters I have dealt with.

The ability to ensure that aside from the fit of background and skills, they are clearly adept at finding the cultural fit.

Jay Lau

Head of Marketing, One Voice Digital

Working with Chorni has been a smooth and professional process as both a candidate and now a client. The fact that two of the four candidates she sourced for my current role were hired when there was only one position says everything about her diligence in finding good people.

She was extremely thorough in her qualification of my experience, interviewing me with the detail you would expect from an in-house recruitment manager. This has been reflected in her approach now I’m a client, she really takes time to understand the brief.

You can trust Chorni will get on the case and make your role a priority from start to finish of the process, taking the stress out of the equation and leaving you to focus on getting on with the job.

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Jocelyn Morgan

Finance Director, Clubhouse Golf

I was really impressed with Paul’s instinct for the company / candidate ‘match’ the moment that I approached him to say I would like to look at the market. He facilitated a very quick process and I felt he really supported both me and the company to negotiate the right offer that worked for us both. His instinct proved spot on and I am loving the role. Rowan work hard to keep in touch with their bank of candidates, employers and professional network resulting in that up to date knowledge, instinct for the match and a great selection of exciting and relevant opportunities.

Daniel Bebb

Rowan Candidate

I was looking for sales leadership roles within a UK SME and working with Rowan has been a great experience and their support throughout the process has been outstanding. Through the highs and lows of the recruitment process they were engaged and consistent, ensuring that I found the right role for me but also making sure their client gets a candidate that can excel in the position. Whether you are actively looking for a next move or just considering a change, I would suggest making Rowan your first point of contact.

Working with Rowan has been a great experience and their support throughout the process has been outstanding.

Vicki Marchington

VP People, Matillion

I met Teresa when I had just had my second baby and life felt quite crazy – but I missed my job and wanted to find a way to return to work in a company that understood you can have 2 big priorities in your world – work and children. I had met so many agencies that told me I had to take a step down from where I had reached in my career. Teresa listened to me, was truly empathetic and came back to me with 2 roles that she thought was suitable. She never doubted me, my priorities or my commitment. She found me exactly the right role, took time to understand my brief and now I am VP People in a great company where she had clearly understood their needs too. Seriously refreshing!

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