Business Growth through Private Equity – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

With greater access to capital than ever available before, Private Equity houses are looking to significantly increase their deal flow as the world starts to return to relative normality.

Rowan’s latest webinar focused on the multi-faceted world of Private Equity, where we heard insights from Malcolm Hughes – a highly experienced PE advisor/Chairman/CEO/Director.

Key themes discussed:

1. The significance of effectively structuring your business for growth

2. The pitfalls of neglecting the systems and processes that can benefit any exercise in scaling a business.

3. What knowledge and tools are needed to embrace the right investment partner for your business and avoid the bad and the ugly!

Malcolm Hughes Bio

Highly experienced Chairman/CEO/Director with good city/market access and expertise in the turnaround, funding and profitable development of mid-cap companies including IPO, Private Equity sponsorship, Debt Financing, M&A and start-ups.

Provider of Advisory services to PE firms. Over past 20 years, established extensive top management experience in Healthcare covering life sciences, services and medical devices.

Proven record for building successful high-quality market-leading, branded businesses with focus on achieving clinical excellence.