~A 360’ view on leadership~

Here at Rowan, the concept of ‘leadership’ is close to our hearts. We appoint leaders and future leaders to our SME clients, and are acutely aware of the difference strong leadership can make to a business’ outcomes.

It’s a multi-faceted concept with a lot of variables, however, there are patterns, trends, and fundamental ways in which successful leaders operate. We can assess these patterns by looking at businesses in the aggregate and by tracking leadership trends over time, across businesses, and across sectors.

For example, we recently worked with a B2B business, which needed a Value Creation Plan for growth and succession planning.

We sat down with the business owners to define its Value Creation Plan, then used the Leadership Dynamics product suite to run a peer group analysis, identify potential gaps and determine what a functional structure might look like, as well as running a PACE profile analysis on the team.

In this case, Leadership Dynamics helped us assess the current structure, what an optimal structure would look like and how to bridge that gap.

Moreover, the product was able to identify and quantify the specific traits and tendencies that were important for leadership positions within the business. This deep analysis provided our clients with more capability than is typically associated with a search and assessment process.

Leadership Dynamics: matching experience to priorities

Leadership Dynamics is especially useful when SME owners are unsure of what ‘good’ looks like in a particular position. For instance, if an SME owner is looking to appoint a CTO for the first time, or a CFO capable of driving the strategic direction of the business.

Leadership Dynamics can provide that clarity and certainty.

Founders don’t go into business to build leadership teams. But it is something that they need to know how to do if they want to realise their growth ambitions.

That’s why Leadership Dynamics’ high degree of accuracy and specificity is welcomed by our clients. It gives them the support to make a decision with confidence. The product demystifies  the concept of ‘leadership’ and strips out the noise that doesn’t matter.

If you’re interested in finding out how Leadership Dynamics could support you building out the right leadership team to deliver business outcomes, get in touch with Johnathan Massey, Head of Rowan’s Leadership Dynamics practice.