9 years, 10-fold growth - Peter Holt's 9-year Rowan anniversary!

Peter Holt, Rowan’s Head of Finance and de facto ‘Number 2’ to Paul Waite, celebrates his 9-year anniversary with Rowan today.

Peter, who has worked with Paul for a total of 22 years now, has racked up some impressive achievements:

– Rowan’s Finance practice performance has grown 10-fold from its Year 1 performance

– Pete has grown the Finance team itself to 7, including 4 who have been promoted multiple times throughout their own long Rowan tenures

– Pete has personally placed 30 FDs/CFOs into growing SMEs in the past 2 years

– Rowan’s funniest person (self-proclaimed, unverified)

Congratulations Pete, keep up the good work as you move into year ten!