8 years and counting! Katie Seabrook's Rowan anniversary 🥂

It’s the 8-year Rowan anniversary of Associate Director Katie Seabrook; employee number 6 and one of the first ‘Rowanites’ to join after the business was started by the founders over a decade ago.

Since then, Katie has taken the Finance market by storm, achieving improved results year-on-year, resulting in consistent promotions to her current position.

Katie works with Finance leaders and future leaders, and in 2021 alone, she appointed 24 FDs and senior FCs to our regional clients, contributing to a record year for the Finance team alongside her colleagues Peter HoltCarl MeylerSarah MorrellCassie Cherry and Sara Jackson. Katie’s been making a real stir in the North-West, having been previously nominated for the Manchester Young Professionals awards.

Outside of work, Katie can be found teaching her Cavapoo Rufus some impressive tricks, golfing to a high standard and shopping just as hard she works!

Katie is also due her first baby in May 2022, so we’re sending her double congratulations today, and we can’t wait to see her continue to develop in our Finance team.

Well done Katie!